What equipment do you use?
Canon 5D Mark II & III

Do you travel?
I do, and love to!
A few spots I’ve been dying to shoot at:
Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon
Mount Desert Island, Maine
Acadia National Park, Maine

Why are you so expensive?
I want to nix any doubts here, because I think most people see a full-time photographer as someone who just shows up, snaps some photos, and then goes home and eats bon bons or something. This is my full-time job, and I learned long ago to value myself. I love the clients and people I work with- they deserve to be treated with my full attention, and have a satisfying and quality experience. The hard work I put in, comes out as beautiful photographs for you. Therefore, I had to learn to take myself seriously, or no one else would and my prices reflect that. I’m serious about beautiful photographs, and my clients are as well.

I want to print my images, where do you recommend?
I personally use Parabo.press, and if you use code DKKVAK
you’ll receive $10 off your first purchase. Other great printers
I recommend to clients are Mpix and ProDPI.

Do you sell any of your prints?
Yes! I’ve recently opened up shop, selling prints from my local and abroad travels. You can order prints directly through the print shop.
Images are printed through DPI printing, a high-quality print shop revered by photographers.

What type of sessions do you do?
I am primarily a wedding photographer, but have recently found a love and passion for portrait photography, specifically contemporary glamour portraits. If you’re looking to feel like a queen for a day, like you belong on the cover of a magazine, my contemporary portrait package is for you! It’s an experience you’re not likely to forget.

What are you most excited about in 2019?
I’m now offering a new session option for local Michigan businesses! If you’re a business struggling with social media marketing and need help boosting your brand through your website and other media formats, reach out! I’ve finally packaged and making available my marketing-communications/design background, paired with my photography offerings, to provide solutions to business’ online social media, brand design & marketing struggles. If this sounds like you, someone you know or a favorite business you see could use a boost, reach out. I offer a 30 minute FREE consultation to show the possibilities of boosting business through beautiful photography and honing your social media markets.