2 weeks ago I decided to visit my best friend in Colorado. You're going to think I'm crazy, but the idea to visit came after watching Parks & Recreation with Mark. When Leslie watches as Ann drives off…I started bawling. I knew just how Leslie felt. Mark looked at me and said, how bought we book you a plane ride to see Adrienne…..I proceeded to bawl some more. The idea of seeing my best friend after being without her was like Christmas and my birthday combined. 

All was put right when I finally found my way out of the Denver airport and was greeted by Charlie (Sir Charles, if you will) and then by my best bud. We might have cried a little…

When in Rome - or Colorado - you HIKE! We hiked our little legs off all over dem mountains and then some. Accompanied by her father in law, the one and only "Papa Bano", and some of the other Bano pack, we made the absolute most of our 4 days and man, I can't wait to go back. 

_MG_0032 copy.jpg

What a lovely couple... See you again soon Colorado!