I can not believe that it has been a month since my last post. Shame on me, I know. However, I think I get a little slack considering I was out of the country for 1 week and then recovering for another. Lies, but all the same a nice break after a trip like that was well worth it. 

To give a little break down of the trip I went with work colleges for a work trip but we certainly made time to explore and eat probably the most delicious food I've had in a LONG time. Absolutely amazing. If you're ever thinking about taking a trip to Europe, stop in Amsterdam. You won't regret it--and I'm not referring to smoking weed, but simply that the Dutch are so nice and don't ultimately scowl at you for speaking English. 


 These were just a few of my favorites and to just give you a taste of how amazing the city is. 

A few highlights: 
THE BIKES! --truly incredible sight, and the fact that they stop for NO ONE.
The Food--all fresh and served in (non- traditional American) interesting combinations.
The Night Life-- everyone stays up late and who could blame them living in a city like this?
Happiness-- Everyone there, I swear, is happy. (not intended to make weed reference)...but now it does actually make a bit more sense....

Stop back for more!