I think most photographers struggle with posing and/or talking to clients all in synch during a shoot, at least I do. So, with this shoot I forced myself to take a few shots, adjust, put the camera down - laugh, adjust, shoot a few more. What seemed incredibly simple, was more challenging than I'd thought. However, this was probably the most fun, relaxing and reviving, albeit HOT, shoot I've done in a while. Photo friends, keep trying new things and every once in a while put your camera down, change things up, and don't take yourself too seriously.

On a whole other note, I've also been thinking how important it is to stay true to you and the reasons you love doing something. Personal projects are just as important as the paying ones and therefore, I'm thinking of starting my personal project on women; simply beautiful. I'm going to be lining em' up, so hope you're ready! 

Props to my gal pal Court. She is such a doll and a rockstar for letting me drag her out in the heat and raid her closet for this shoot, *kisses*.